Stratos Resources

From the period way back in 2017 when I first thought about a Stratos all the way through to the time I actually collected my car there were a number of resources I used to give me information and inspiration about everything relating to the cars. These included reference photos from the internet which made me think about various aspects of how I wanted my car to look, online Forums offering all sorts of advice, social media groups and other motoring communities. The following is just a selection

Online Resources

I started an online blog on the Pistonheads Forum during the project and some of the feedback from there was helpful in making me think about some of the build options:  



The Lancia Stratos Enthusiasts Club was the go-to gold mine of information, photos, build blogs and support.



The LB Specialist Cars website



Facebook has a number of car groups but the Stratos one was always helpful



A gallery of photos taken during the transformation of one of the Enthusiast’s Club members cars to a Group 4 replica.