After the IVA test

Performance Camshaft

I used to have a Lotus Exige S1. It had a 190 BHP version of the VHPD Rover K-Series engine. It was a great car and one of the things I most fondly remembered about it was the throbbing, lumpy, race car-like noise it made at idle due to the slightly wilder cam profile the engine had compared to the lower performance derivatives. I wanted my Stratos to have that so that meant thinking about changing the camshaft profiles on my Alfa engine.

There were various options for reprofiling the cams but in the end I settled on  #1326 HYD Spec from Piper which was a Fast Road profile and gave a potential BHP increase of 18-20 BHP over standard and would guarantee that race car like lumpy idle. 

Group 4 Exhaust

For the IVA test the car had to pass noise and emissions regulations. For the test it was fitted with a standard exhaust system with catalytic converters and large silencers.

The plan was always for the car to run with a custom full decat stainless steel exhaust system with minimal silencing. The system was fabricated in the manner of the original Group 4 design for the Dino engine and was retrofitted after the IVA test. In order to manage heat issues in the engine bay both manifolds, connector pipes and silencer tips on the GP4 exhaust were sent to Zircotec to be ceramic coated in the Primary Black colour in keeping with the original cars.

From the Zircotec site:

Primary Black™ is a ceramic coating that retains all of the quality and durability for which Zircotecs coatings are renowned and offers a potential 25% reduction in manifold or exhaust system surface temperatures  based on a typical uncoated manifold temperature of 600oC/1,112oF).

Protective Light Covers

Upper Quad Light Pod and Lower ancillary driving lamps were always part of the full WRC GP4 look for the car. The lower driving lights couldn’t be fitted for the IVA test as they fell foul of the regulations for seeing the front indicators. The regulations also limit the number of main driving lights the car can have so rather than replace 2 of the quad lights with fog lights it was decided to leave the pod off for the test.

LB supplied a regulation protective cover for the quad pod lights. After some research to see what was used in period to protect the lower driving lights a custom pair of Carello Megalux covers were made.